What You Can Expect.....
You can expect a unique counseling experience incorporating your
personal belief systems, which most therapists leave out. For those
who prefer it, biblical counseling strategies will be incorporated to
reach your full potential, in a non judgemental atmosphere. You
can also expect to be both challenged and encouraged  to reach
your full potential and leave with the ability to self assess any
situation , for a life long change in habits and outlook on life.
Kingdom Counseling, A Multi-faceted
Approach To:
Drug & Alccohol abuse counseling
Sexual Addiction
Marriage and Family  Counseling
Anger Management
Personality Disorders
Stress & Anxiety Issues
Depression and Grief
*All in a safe and non judgemental enviroment
This Provider offers a uncommon blend of counseling techniques
honed over the course of 28 years. Popular for being both
challenging and easy going, he breaks the tradition of stale and
boring therapists who merely repeat what you say, treating you as
a human being.
Welcome To Kingdom Counseling Services
A New Day Is Dawning...